A Brief Homily on Our Neuropsychological Existence

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Looking Back on 115 Essays and a Lifetime Besides

The lion’s share of…

Reappraising an Obscure Mormon Doctrine

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A Young Mormon Reads Watts in Provo

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From 2015 to 2016, when I lived in Provo (and at one point was attending BYU), almost everyday I would walk from my apartment just off West Bulldog to campus, and stop at the Joseph F. Smith Building. …

On Sacred Theater and Divine Therapy

On the Messiah Who Has Always Already Come

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Throughout the New Testament a certain theme persists: that tension between the Kingdom of God as a reality yet to come and the Kingdom of God as present here and now. Perhaps this is due in part to the expectations of the historical Jesus, or at least his followers, that…

A Note on Myopia

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Notes on Wholeness and Evil

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On Knowing Nothing

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I would like to bear my testimony that I do not know a thing.

Our best understandings of God are idols which must be destroyed before we can encounter God.

To borrow from the first of Islam’s first pillar, ““there is no God but God.” …

Notes on Various Kinds of Mormonism

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Nathan Smith

Independent writer from Austin, TX writing on psychology, philosophy, literature, religion. www.nathansmithbooks.com @NateSmithSNF

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